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AminoCompany  Fertilizers and Chemicals SA  (AMINOCHEM SA) is a part of the Fiordo Austral Holding; a world leader in the production of proteins and oils for animal feed based on Salmon.


AminoChem SA is a Chilean company devoted to the manufacture and sale of hydrolyzed proteins (coming from salmon) for the nutrition and bio-stimulation of vegetable species; as well as crop protection oils. The characteristics that set salmon apart from other species are unique, because they contain a very varied composition of amino acids, essential “Omega 3” fatty acids, whilst salmon has the highest biological rate of proteic structure.


We are a highly specialized company and a large part of our efforts are devoted to the research and development of our products. This has enabled us to demonstrate in the most objective and scientific manner possible how effective our products are.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To provide products for the forestry, farming development sector, both nationally and internationally, as well as efficient solutions that are different and highly competitive so as to contribute with technological improvements that lead to an upswing in productivity and profitability for our customers.


To be acknowledged as indisputable leaders in the production and sale of hydrolyzed protein for vegetable nutrition and bio-stimulation, as well as crop protection oils, stressing the natural and friendly origin of the raw materials in our products.



In 1994, the idea was born of producing a bio-stimulant based on enzymatic hydrolysis from salmon protein which, hitherto, was one of the environmental problems the Chilean salmon industry was facing caused by its by-products.


A few years later, once the benefits of our vegetable nutrition product had been amply proven in some crops and as a result of an award from within the Innova Chile project (sponsored by Corfo) called “a healthy solution for salmon mortalities by means of silaging them for their application as vegetable nourishment”, financing was obtained necessary for submitting our results to multiple trials that would be efficient and statistically measurable. This was carried out in cooperation with the Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA), whose results more than ratified preliminary observations.


So this is how AMINOTERRA® - a bio-stimulant fertilizer rich in free amino acids and short-chain peptides - was born. This uniquely Chilean product is highly valued worldwide because of its origin and benefits for different vegetable species.


Subsequently, different varieties began to be developed using the same raw material and so the company was able to create and build up a business area devoted to providing efficient and innovative solutions for the farming sector.


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